Selling for Top Dollar Starts With Staging

Selling for Top Dollar Starts With Staging

  • Seth Koppel
  • 06/2/21

Here’s why all sellers should stage their homes in this market.

Today I’m joined by Susannah Blanton of Blanton Design & Staging to talk about home staging. If you’re a seller, home staging can mean the difference between selling for top dollar and getting below market value. There’s a big distinction between decorating to live and decorating to sell. Just because we’re in a seller’s market doesn’t mean you don’t have to properly showcase your home. 

Feel free to watch the video above in its entirety, or use these timestamps to skip ahead to various sections at your leisure:

0:21—A little background on Susannah

0:58—Why should sellers want their Realtor to hire a professional stager?

2:15—The benefits of staging

4:45—What are the most popular home staging and design trends for 2021?

5:55—Wrapping things up

As always, if you have questions about home staging or any other real estate topic, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to help you.


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